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Dr. Aiah Lebbie

Pediatric Surgeon (Sierra Leone)

Aiah serves as the only pediatric surgeon in his home country of Sierra Leone.

Alison Lublink

Donor Engagement Specialist

Alison helps tell the stories from our incredible frontline workers to supporters across the world.

Dr. Amon Ngongola

Pediatric Surgeon (Zambia)

Amon serves as one of the few pediatric surgeons in his home country of Zambia.

Dr. Britney Grayson

Pediatric Surgeon (Faculty)

Britney has a strong academic background, including a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and serves as faculty for our paediatrics program.

Carol Gakahu

Team Leader (Joytown)

Carol oversees our rehabilitation work at the Joytown Schools serving up to 350 students with a range of disabilities.

Dr. Dan Poenaru

Clinical Consultant

Dan helped develop our pediatric training program in Kenya and now supports our work across the continent as a clinic consultant.

David Ng’ang’a

Country Director (Kenya)

David grew up in Kenya and has been with BethanyKids for 15 years. He now oversees all of our work across Kenya.

Dr. Felix Oyania

Pediatric Surgeon (Uganda)

Felix serves as one of the few pediatric surgeons in his home country of Uganda.

Dr. Frehun Ayele

Country Director (Ethiopia)

Frehun is a pediatric surgeon and also leads the work of BethanyKids for the country of Ethiopia.

Dr. Heuric Rakotomalala

Pediatric Surgeon (Madagascar)

Heuric serves as one of the few pediatric surgeons in his home country of Madagascar.

Ivan Nuwagaba

Country Director (Uganda)

Ivan served with BethanyKids as a physiotherapist and as a chaplain before taking on the role of country director.

Jane Mutinda

Team Leader (Mobile Clinic)

Jane directs our mobile clinic team which serves across the country of Kenya. Read more about the program here.

Dr. George Ngock

Pediatric Surgeon (Cameroon)

George serves as one of the few pediatric surgeons in his home country of Cameroon.

Dr. Jason Axt

Pediatric Surgeon (Faculty)

Jason is has a strong background in research and global practice and serves as faculty for our paediatrics program.

Joab Matumbai

Team Leader (Assistive Technology)

Joab oversees our growing assistive technology team providing, among other things, quality wheelchairs around the country.

Dr. Ken Muma

Pediatric Surgeon (Faculty)

Ken is an accomplished surgeon who currently leads our pediatric training program in Kenya.

Lillian Gitau

Director of Global Program

Lillian oversees our program work across Africa ensuring we are providing the hightest quality of care to our patients.

Luke McAuley

Team Leader (Rehab Training)

Luke leads our pediatric occupational therapist training program in Kenya which is set to begin training candidates from across Africa.

Malcolm Robinson

Finance Manager

Malcolm has worked with charities for decades and now helps oversee our finance team.

Maria Alfaro

Church Engagement (Intern)

Maria works alongside North American churches to partner them with our work across Africa.

Peter Lublink

Executive Director

Peter gives strategic oversight to our international operations.

Rebekah Ledlie

Program Officer

Rebekah works to ensure our programs across Africa are appropriately supported and well funded.

Terri Davis

Major Giving Advisor

Terri supports those donors who want to make major financial investments into the growing work of BethanyKids.