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Surgical Team

Working across 7 different countries our surgical team represents the backbone of our pediatric program. They are involved in training new pediatric surgeons and also providing direct, transformative surgeries for children in need.

Dr. Aiah Lebbie

Aiah is a graduate of our pediatrics program becoming the first formally trained pediatric surgeon in Sierra Leone, where he now practices.

Dr. Amon Ngongola

Amon is the newest member of the BethanyKids surgical team and as of 2021 is leading the BethanyKids work in Zambia.

Dr. Britney Grayson

In addition to being a qualified surgeon Britney has her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. She supports our training program as faculty.

Dr. Frehun Ayele

Frehun is a graduate of our pediatrics program and continues to practice and train new surgeons in his home country of Ethiopia.

Dr. George Ngock

George leads our surgical work in Cameroon, one of the most recent countries BethanyKids has begun its work.

Dr. Heuric Rakotomalala

Our first graduate of our pediatrics program, Heuric now serves in his home country of Madagascar.

Dr. Jason Axt

Jason is an incredible asset to Dr. Muma’s team with a strong background in research and global practice. 

Dr. Ken Muma

Ken is an accomplished surgeon who currently leads our pediatric training program in Kenya.

Dr. Martin Situma

Martin is a talented surgeon with a passion for serving children. He began the work of BethanyKids in Uganda in 2014.

Kenyan Rehab Team

Part of providing quality pediatric care is ensuring children have holistic and long term support. That is why our rehabilitation program in Kenya continues to grow and develop including physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs, a mobile clinic and our ever growing assistive technology program.

Carol Gakahu

Carol oversees our rehabilitaion work at the Joytown Schools serving up to 350 students with a range of disabilities.

Jane Mutinda

Jane directs our mobile clinic team which serves across the country of Kenya. Read more about the program here.

Luke McAuley

Luke provides rehabilitation at our Kijabe Hospital site but also participates in our mobile clinics and provides mentorship to our rehab teams.

Joab Matumbai

Joab oversees our growing assistive technology team providing, among other things, quality wheelchairs around the country.

Resource Team

Our resource team serves across 9 countries including our 6 program countries. Despite multiple languages, cultures and timezones our team works hard to collaborate remotely ensuring we offer the utmost in care to the children we serve, the families whose lives are transformed and the surgical trainees whose skills are honed.

Peter Lublink

Executive Director

Having lived in the Middle East since 2012 Peter Lublink now gives oversight to our international operations.

David Ng’ang’a

Director of Kenya

David grew up in Kenya and has been with BethanyKids for 15 years. He now oversees all of our work across Kenya.

Lillian Gitau

Program Manager

Lillian oversees the work in 6 of our 7 countries and is focused on developing local program capacity.

Malcolm Robinson


Malcolm has worked with charities for decades and now helps oversee our finance team.

Terri Davis

Donor Relations

Terri has a heart of gold and helps keep in touch with our donors across North America.

Alison Lublink


Alison is a teacher and a storyteller and helps BethanyKids share its story with the world.

Dr. Dan Poenaru

Clinical Consultant

Dan helped develop our pediatric training program in Kenya. He now helps support our work across 6 countries.

Christian Wiley

Development Specialist

Christian works to empower more people to own, promote, and support BethanyKids in whatever ways they can.


Since BethanyKids is made up of separate legal entities working together in the USA, Canada and the UK, we have three national Boards of Directors. In addition, we have an International Board made up of representatives from the three national Boards. These boards are made up of people who are leaders in their own fields and who voluntarily serve as sources of inspiration, guidance and wisdom for BethanyKids.

To read more about our board members click here.

Canada Board of Directors

Kris Riseling, BSc. PT, Kin, Board Chair

‘Deola Sanwoolo, M.Sc.

Brendan Browne, PhD

Felista Karanja, PMP, MA

Marjory Kerr, PhD

James Luta, LLM, PHD

Kerri Regan, M.Ed

Yohan Mahimwala, MBA

USA Board of Directors

Mike Delorenzo, Board Chair

Jim Taubits, MS

Cynthia M. Gregg, MD

Fred Rescorla, MD

Justus Mwiti Marete, MPA

UK Board of Directors

David Killingray, PhD, Board Chair

Ade Adebajo, BSc, FCA, ACT

Michelle Safo, BA, CIM

Peter Smith, Major (R)

Solomon Osagie, LL.B, PhD