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Love Heals

BethanyKids is a compassionate Christian mission transforming the lives of African children with surgical conditions and disabilities through pediatric surgery, rehabilitation, public education, spiritual ministry and training health professionals.

We bring transformative medical care to thousands of children each year by training local surgeons and resourcing those surgeons as they serve in their home countries.


No organization can do everything, so we focus on providing quality, compassionate healthcare to children living in low resource settings.


Everything we do as an organization is steeped in and motivated by the teachings of Jesus. We love because He first loved us.


As an organization we seek to have a unifying culture of love, humility and excellence in healthcare.


You might often see charities referred to as ‘faith-based’ which could mean different things to different people. For us as a movement our faith defines our identity as well as our practice.

We believe that in Jesus we have the perfected image of love. So in all we do we aim to mirror that same compassionate, sacrificial and unconditional love towards others. Regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual identity, background or socio-economic status, we serve with love. In addition to defining our approach, our faith also marks our identity as a community.

We are united in our beliefs about Jesus and His love toward the world.

“…be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” (1 Peter 3:8)

As a faith-based organization we are thankful for the countless churches that demonstrate sacrificial love by supporting our work. We operate and serve sacrificially because of the love we have experienced in Jesus.

Alongside other churches we believe in the ancient creeds of the church and affirm the following Statement of Faith.