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Peter Lublink serves as the Executive Director for BethanyKids. BethanyKids is a registered charity in the UK, Canada and the USA and provides pediatric care across 7 different African countries. As Executive Director Peter leads the strategic expansion of BethanyKids across Africa; directs the international resource team; monitors program efficiency in the 7 program countries; and secures funding for the ongoing development of BethanyKids.

Prior to his work with BethanyKids Peter spent the previous 8 years living and working in the Middle East, first as a teacher and then later leading a communications firm which provided strategic marketing services to charities to help them thrive. Peter has also served as a pastor and spent 6 years working with one of Canada’s largest social services providers.

Following his undergraduate degree in political science and classics at McMaster University, Peter completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education through the UK; a Masters in Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary; an MA in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University in Chicago; and most recently a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management and Philanthropy.

Outside of work Peter enjoys travelling and has thus far been to about 85 different countries.


This sermon was for a church in Ontario, Canada and filmed during the pandemic when in-person preaching was not as possible. Follow up discussion questions were also prepared and can be accessed here.


Peter has spoken at events, churches and conferences across multiple countries and now shares frequently about the work of BethanyKids. If you would like him, or one of our other staff members to share about the BethanyKids at your church or on your podcast please reach out to us using our contact form. Here is a small sampling of some of the interviews he’s participated in: