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Our work transforms lives.

There is of course a lot more to charity work than pure numbers. There are people who are living today who without our work would not be alive; there are surgeons practicing across Africa with the skills gained through our program; and families who’ve been given a second chance due to the support offered through our rehab and wheelchair services. Ultimately every one of these numbers is one of those stories. Stories of transformed lives.

7 Countries

We provide transformative and compassionate surgical care to children in Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Madagascar.

12 Graduates

Our graduates serve in 8 different countries and provide the highest quality pediatric care. In most cases graduates return to their home countries and in some cases become the first qualified pediatric surgeon in their area.

6 Trainees

We currently have 6 promising surgeons studying with us who, following their training, will return to their home countries to provide quality, compassionate and transformative pediatric care. Investing in future surgeons means countless more lives can be saved.

39,200 Surgical Procedures

Since 2004 we have performed 39,200 pediatric surgical procedures across 7 different African countries. Much of this is thanks to our ever-expanding network of qualified pediatric surgeons.

40,700 Rehab Sessions

We provide rehab sessions as part of our longterm patient care following surgeries, during our mobile clinics and in partnership with a school for students with disabilities. Since 2004 we have performed 40,700 rehab sessions for children who need them.

80,200 Patients

Since 2004 we have provided outpatient clinics as well as mobile clinics to ensure quality follow-up care is provided. These clinics also give us the opportunity to meet new patients who would benefit from our programs.

Make an impact.

Children born with special needs, or who require surgery at an early age, are often seen as a burden to their families. When money is tight sometimes it’s the child who goes without the surgery, without the rehabilitation or without the wheelchair. In addition to worrying about costs, medical appointments and the stigma associated with disabilities, some communities even perceive a medical need as a curse upon a family.

Every year we see thousands of children who without intervention would have died, or otherwise lived in very difficult circumstances. Our goal has always been transformation; and transformation is exactly what takes place.

Transformation is happening daily in the lives of those we serve. From the child who receives their first wheelchair because of our services; to the child who learns to use the toilet for the first time despite their impairment; to the child who literally lays on the operating table not sure if they’ll awake. Transformation matters.

But our vision goes beyond just today and the immediate need before us. We are investing in the future by training a new generation of pediatric surgeons to carry on the work. That means when you invest in BethanyKids, you are investing in the transformation of the lives of children, their families and whole communities for years to come.

Our work depends on everyday people around the world choosing to think beyond their own communities and reaching out across the globe to partner with something extraordinary. To receive regular updates on our work and to hear stories of those transformed lives, join our monthly newsletter list.

And if you have capacity, we encourage you to become a monthly supporter so that we can continue to transform lives of children in Africa.