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Volunteering in Africa

Travel can be a transformative experience. Many on our team got involved with international charities because of a short volunteer trip when they were younger. Working across 6 different countries means there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers who might be able to help supplement one of our programs with a specific set of skills. We are always keen to hear from surgeons and rehab specialists who might be able to spend a few weeks or months with us. The beautiful thing about volunteering abroad is that is it an exchange of skills and ideas. It is not just you helping out someone in another country, but it is also that person helping you out in some way.

Videography and Photography

We work in some truly beautiful countries and want to extend an invitation to videographers and photographers who love to travel the world and tell stories with their cameras. We are always in need of new media from our various sites. If you have a great camera and a good eye, let’s chat.