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Rehabilitation Services

While surgery may be the most drastic and immediate provision for a child in need, many children also require follow-up rehabilitation. It is the long, often painful process of therapy that moves a child from the recovery room to the playground. BethanyKids is dedicated to providing the rehabilitation that our patients need so that they can begin their lives anew after surgery.

Therapy Sessions

In 2019, as part of our longterm commitment to children’s health, we provided 8,261 rehab sessions. Each one of those sessions is an opportunity to demonstrate unconditional love to a child and is a stepping stone towards that child having greater independence over their life. 

Joytown Schools

BethanyKids prioritizes partnerships in all our ventures. One great example of that is our relationships with Joytown Primary and Secondary School in Thika, Kenya, where we provide therapy for over 250 children with conditions ranging from cerebral palsy and spina bifida to polio and burn contractures. Our therapists provide therapy for every child in the school at least once a week. This includes active, passive and resistive exercises; training in ambulation both on the parallel bars and without support; teaching appropriate wheelchair transfers; and referring students who require surgical intervention.

Our impact on the school has been transformative. In the words of one teacher: “[The rehabilitation department] is the backbone of the school. You have changed the face of Joytown completely! Life is easier in Joytown. I must say that BethanyKids has brought light into the school.”