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From a shoe company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased; to the increasing number of businesses that give a percentage to environmental initiatives – customers are looking to spend their money on businesses that give back. As Christians we also seek to make purchases in a way that invests in building the Kingdom.

That’s why in 2021, we’re inviting you to join our new Partner for Good community of businesses. Businesses who choose to reinvest part of their income in growing the Kingdom by training local missionary pediatric surgeons and providing pediatric care across a continent.

Becoming a Partner for Good will help transform the lives of children needing medical care and make your business a more Jesus-centred business.

We partner with BethanyKids because we recognize the dangers of losing a whole generation of children worldwide due to preventable diseases.

– Bruno Beja-Umukoro, Nomos-T

Commit to tithing or donating a percentage of your annual revenue to BethanyKids so that we can use that money to transform lives across a continent. This model allows you to communicate your commitment easily with your customers but also allows for the changes and fluctuations in income that happen in business.

If your business has a more predictable stream of income you may choose to donate a fixed amount in the year to BethanyKids so that we can use that money to transform lives. Businesses often choose to do this at the end of the year due to to the incentives of tax receipts. 


If you are serious about commiting a portion of your business to Kingdom projects we would love to talk. To get started, complete this quick contact us form and together we can begin to Partner for Good.

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