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Hosting a Fundraiser

Although our projects span across 6 countries in Africa with thousands of surgeries taking place every year, our international resource team is small with no full-time marketing staff. This lean approach to staffing means that we depend on volunteers like you to host events, spread the word and tell the story of BethanyKids to their communities. We do that formally through our ambassador program, but we also aim to support people with even the smallest fundraising idea. Here are just a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Host a Dinner Party

One of the best ways to get people in the same room talking is to have a dinner party.

In some cases that might be renting out a hotel banquet room for a large scale fundraising event with guest speakers; or that could simply be a dozen people gathered around the dinner table sharing stories of hope and transformation. If you want to host a dinner party that has the power to transform the lives of countless children, we’d love to talk.

Host a Sporting Event

Hosting a sporting event might sound extravagant, like a city marathon or 10KM walk, but it can also be far simpler, like hosting a fundraiser baseball match with the extended family in a park. It could be a run for a group of friends on a set day that’s synched with technology. It could be a school basketball game. We’ve even had people do a bike tour to raise money for our work. Many city marathons also allow you to register as a team supporting a specific charity. So the options are endless. 

Concerts and Art Galleries

There are a lot of people whose love language is the arts. They feel the story when they hear it sung or see it painted. We love working with churches and artists to create events that help raise awareness. This could be something as small as a living room music night, something at a local cafe or perhaps a large church, concert hall or gallery space. If you are a musician or artist, or are interested in helping us create a creative event, let’s get started.