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BethanyKids partners with churches to transform lives.


BethanyKids partners with churches to train and resource Christian pediatric surgeons from across Africa. As those surgeons complete their training they return as missionaries to their home countries.

Rather than sending and supporting a western missionary from your own church, this program allows you to support and partner with someone already on the ground. A missionary who speaks the language, who understands the culture and who brings a valuable skill to their community.

We have missionaries in 7 different countries who we are seeking to partner with churches and individuals around the world. To learn more download our brochure for churches or fill out the contact us form to get in touch.



Our staff members, board members and volunteers love to share the story of transformed lives and can be booked at your church or event to preach, teach or share directly about the work of BethanyKids.

If you’d like to book one of our team as a speaker, please reach out to us on our Contact Us form.

Recent examples include:


In an effort to help equip churches and faith communities around the world wrestle with practical theological ideas like compassion, empathy and grief we have begun designing short 6 part small group materials that can be used with a small group Bible study or even on your own. We’ll be adding more over the coming months, so be sure to keep checking back.


Sometimes without realizing we start carrying the weight of the past, the present and even the future all at once. When we’re carrying all that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and to worry. But there is hope.


Experiencing grief is hard. For many it is a burden that is carried throughout their lives. While scripture doesn’t offer a magic pill to remove our grief, it does give us models and precedents to help lighten the load.  


Compassion is Biblical principal that we can probably all use more of. In this free 6 part devotional guide the theme of compassion is examined in the Old and New Testaments.


In many parts of the world autumn is the season for transformation. In 2020 as we all face a pandemic we’re all being forced to transform in new ways. Let us hope what comes out the other end is a better version of ourselves.


Love is at the centre of everything we do as BethanyKids, and ought to be at the centre of all of our lives as Christians. Follow through with our guide this month to reflect, pray and meditate on the greatest commandment.


Prayer is the language we use for talking with God. It’s taken on different forms over the centuries, but one thing has never changed: the goal is communion with God.


Whether you call it discipleship, mentorship or spiritual growth, as Christians we are committed to learning from one another, and most importantly learning from the example of Jesus.


Stress is something we all deal with to some degree. It’s a near guarantee. But that doesn’t mean there are not ways to better cope with it. With stories from our hospitals and encouragement from scripture, this 6 week guide covers the universal topic of stress.


Justice is at the heart of the Christian scriptures and, in recent times, has become a an increasingly common word in newspaper headlines as well. This six week study explores its meaning and impact.

Christian Calendar Seasonal Guides

In addition to the above topical bible study guides, we also create a Lenten and Advent devotional guide that can be used as a daily individual study. For these guides we bring together dozens of staff, board members and supporters who are willing to help tell the Jesus story at both Christmas and Easter.

Christmas Advent Guide: Season of Hope

This devotional guide contains a reading for each day of the Christmas season. For this guide, we brought together a range of authors from around the world who each take turns leading us through the season and towards Christmas.

Lenten Guide: Journey of Simplicity

For centuries, Christians have set aside 40 days every year for fasting, praying and living simply that culminates in a celebration of Holy Week. This guide will take you through the season with reflections from 40+ different authors.