BethanyKids helps kids across Africa get access to quality surgery and rehabilitation.

Even with surgery many will still need the help of a proper wheelchair to go to school, play with friends and live a full life. We need your help to make that happen.


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BethanyKids is providing appropriate wheelchairs to children who need them on a daily basis. It can sometimes be hard to feel the true magnitude, so here are just a few stories to help. The names for these children have been changed for privacy and the photos have been permitted for this use.

Rachel is a timid young girl in first grade living in Lamu, Kenya. She has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, and as a result has limited use of her lower legs.

At school she borrowed an adult wheelchair that was so big that she couldn’t roll it herself. When not at school she had to stay home or be carried. Her parents have been trying hard to find her a chair that fits. They finally heard about BethanyKids and came to a BethanyKids mobile clinic.

BethanyKids was able to provide a wheelchair that fits her and lets her move independently. Before she even left the clinic, she was joyfully pushing herself around in circles!

Walter is an energetic, happy young man diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. He lives in Narok in Kenya. Walter has been scooting himself along the floor swinging on his arms. This has resulted in several wounds because he has no sensation in his legs. He has been asking his Mom to go to school so that he can learn with his friends, but the school refused saying that he must have a wheelchair.

Despite attending BethanyKids mobile clinics most of his life, we did not have an appropriate wheelchair because there haven’t been enough chairs for those in need. Recently, a donor provided a wheelchair that fit him just right! Fifteen minutes later he was zipping around with his new wheels, so excited about being able to go to school!


Jack is an extremely happy 9-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Jack has been blessed to have parents that continue to care for and love him despite his disabilities. However, they’ve never been able to find a wheelchair for Jack.

BethanyKids were able to provide Jack with his first wheelchair. This wheelchair will allow him to have more independence around the house and at school. Many in his home community feel that disability is a shameful curse. By providing Jack with a wheelchair that fits him well, we hope that we can begin to affect the thoughts and perceptions of entire communities.


Pete is a 10-year-old from Samburu, Kenya. He has Cerebral Palsy. His family abandoned him because they felt ashamed by him, thinking his cerebral palsy was evidence of a curse on their family that was evidence of a parent’s bad behavior. He also lives at a boarding school where he is cared for.

This is his first wheelchair! The BethanyKids team was able to take a pediatric wheelchair and fit it just for him so that his  movements don’t cause him injury. It’s a wheelchair built for the rough terrain and the constant movement associated with his spastic muscles.


Elizabeth was neglected and abandoned. She has been taken in by a special school where she lives and is cared for. She is a cheerful and energetic young lady with a desire to play and engage with her world.

Thanks to your generosity in giving, we have been able to provide her with her very own wheelchair which has been fit specifically to her. With her new wheelchair she now has the ability to self-propel so that she can engage with her friends and others as she wants and needs!

Nancy is a 21-year-old student at Joytown Secondary School in Thika, Kenya. She has a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta which makes her bones extremely fragile. She is about to graduate from high school this year and is looking forward to next steps in life.

BethanyKids is excited to see young men and women like Nancy have wheelchairs that enable them to go to school and go on to work in jobs that excite them. Nancy is such a huge motivator for others with disabilities. Her successes affect the understanding of so many in the community! Specialized wheels can open doors for people to see her as the bright, caring, driven and intelligent young lady that she is.

George has spent most of his first 5 years scooting himself around on the floor. He and his parents had been wanting and waiting for a wheelchair for some time.

Fortunately for George, your generous donations finally provided a properly fitting wheelchair. Without this wheelchair he would probably not be able to go to school, or even be allowed to play with his friends as he would have to pull himself along on the ground which would probably cause him to get wounds and set him back even more. So, on behalf of the MANY young kids that await a wheelchair so that they can do normal everyday kid things, we thank you! Thank you for seeing the image of God in all of these wonderful young children!

Rosie is an energetic, extremely bright 18-year-old student at Joytown Secondary School in Thika, Kenya. She has a condition called Spina Bifida which limits the sensation and movement of her lower extremities. However, she does not let her physical limitations stop her! She loves school and has a very bright outlook on her future with lots of desires and plans!

The wheelchair that BethanyKids provided is foldable and will give her the freedom to use public transport to get from place to place with greater ease.


#WheelDifference is an online challenge that started in Didsbury (Canada) where two people try to get around using just two feet between them. You’ve heard of the three legged race? Well this takes it one step further and forces people to use an assistive device like a wheelchair, wheelbarrow or even something homemade. Grab a friend, strike a pose and upload it to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and be sure to #wheeldifference.

Help us spread the word and raise money with #wheeldifferrence for children who need appropriate wheelchairs.

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