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Surgical Training Program

In 2007 BethanyKids became the first site in East Africa for training pediatric surgeons accredited by the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). This training program is also the first specialty training program under the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeon (PAACS), which ensures that the professional training is coupled with spiritual discipleship.

The physicians who train at BethanyKids come from as far away as Madagascar and Sierra Leone, and many of them are returning to their home as the first pediatric surgeons in their country. BethanyKids’ commitment to training local pediatric surgeons has a chance to impact tens of thousands of people that currently do not have access to this kind of care.


Dr. Mehret Enaro has sensed she was to work in medicine since she was in high school. She moved to our training centre in Kenya in 2019 having been introduced to BethanyKids in her home country of Ethiopia by Dr. Frehun. Dr. Frehun is a former trainee in the program and now leads BethanyKids in Ethiopia. Seeing the results of Dr. Frehun’s ministry has fueled a growing passion within her for pediatric surgery.

She is a committed Christian and sees this pediatric care as a fulfillment of her calling from God. In addition to being a wonderful Fellowship student, Mehret is also the mum to a new born baby daughter.


Dr. Alain Jules Ndibanje is a general surgeon from Rwanda. He did his medical studies at the University of Rwanda and finished his Masters of Medicine in General Surgery in July 2015. Since graduation, he has mainly been working in the pediatric surgery unit at Kigali University Teaching Hospital (CHUK). One of his colleagues, Edmond Ntaganda who completed a three-year fellowship at BethanyKids Kijabe Hospital in 2016, recommended the fellowship program to Dr. Alain.

Dr. Alain arrived in Kenya to begin his three-year fellowship program in pediatric surgery in 2017. He chose to enrol in the program because he liked the fact that it was both Christian in nature and strong in reputation. He wanted to focus on pediatric surgery because during his time at CHUK it became ever more apparent, that children require specialty training in order to meet their surgical needs. He hopes to return to Rwanda upon completion of the program.


Dr. Mpongo studied at the Medical School at the University of Kinshasa, and it was there his faith really came alive. Following graduation Dr. Mpongo moved to Cameroon in 2010 and worked at the Protestant Hospital of Ngaoundere. It was there that he met his wife Sakinatou and they were married in May 2012.  Just a few months later in September 2012 Dr. Mpongo joined the SIM Galmi Hospital General Surgery training program in Niger. Their two children were born during that time: Benazir in June 2013 and Aaron in October 2014.

Dr. Mpongo entered the BethanyKids Pediatric Surgery Fellowship program in July 2018 and God-willing will graduate in 2021.  He has been particularly touched by the need for pediatric surgery care and has an ever-growing conviction that God wants him doing this work as a ministry.


Throughout Bethleen’s undergraduate education at the University of Nairobi she had a particular interest in surgical training. She learned about BethanyKids during her internship at Kijabe Hospital and admired the mentorship, work ethic and teamwork demonstrated by the team. It was then she decided to pursue pediatric surgery training through BethanyKids if the opportunity was given to her.

Dr. Waisiko spent a year as a general practitioner at Gertrude’s Hospital in Nairobi. Then, as she entered the 5-year BethanyKids training program in January 2019 she commented, “I look forward to training and growing grounded in surgical knowledge and skills in a Christ-centered, compassion-driven approach. It is my desire that my life and work during my training and practice as a pediatric surgeon will bring glory to God and be a blessing to those that I serve.”


It’s not common for residents in one specialty to switch part way through their training to another specialty, but that is what happened for Dr. Eric Irungu from Kenya. As a general surgery resident at Kijabe Hospital, he spent a two-month rotation in pediatric surgery with BethanyKids in early 2018, and felt led by God to apply to enter our training program and devote himself to caring for children and babies.

In January 2019 Dr. Irungu began his training in the BethanyKids pediatric surgery training program. During his rotation with BethanyKids he recalls that “My long-held belief that children were small adults was dispelled and the intricacies of the delicate and complex nature of childhood surgical illnesses quickly became apparent. Furthermore, my heart was swept with empathy for the babies (and their parents) who presented with complex congenital anomalies. Some came from as far as Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, Rwanda, Burundi and Sierra Leone to seek specialized care.”