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Our model begins by training Christian men and women from across the continent of Africa as accredited pediatric surgeons.

In 2007 BethanyKids became the first site in East Africa for training pediatric surgeons accredited by the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). This training program is also the first specialty training program under the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeon (PAACS), which ensures that the professional training is coupled with spiritual discipleship.

The physicians who train at BethanyKids come from as far away as Madagascar and Sierra Leone, and many of them are returning to their home as the first pediatric surgeons in their country. Including both current trainees and our graduates, we’re already impacting the quality of pediatric care in 12 different countries. BethanyKids’ commitment to training local pediatric surgeons has a chance to impact tens of thousands of people that currently do not have access to this kind of care.

Our graduates self-identify as missionaries and share our values of sacrificial and unconditional love – so they are not just returning home for a job, they are returning home to pioneer pediatric programs to transform the lives of children who otherwise would have very little chances in life. You can read about how we support these surgeons following their fellowship program here.



Dr. Betheleen Waisiko

Dr. Waisiko spent a year as a general practitioner at Gertrude’s Hospital in Nairobi. Then, as she entered the 5-year BethanyKids training program in January 2019 she commented, “I look forward to training and growing grounded in surgical knowledge and skills in a Christ-centered, compassion-driven approach. It is my desire that my life and work during my training and practice as a pediatric surgeon will bring glory to God and be a blessing to those that I serve.”

Dr. Catherine Jackson-Cole

Dr. Catherine Jackson-Cole was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and has already worked with BethanyKids surgeon Dr. Lebbie. She is delighted to be joining the BethanyKids program and committing herself to pediatric surgery.

Dr. Dimingo Gomez

Dr. Dimingo Gomez is a Gambian surgeon who completed his general surgery residency at Kijabe and is excited to stay in Kenya and begin his fellowship program with BethanyKids in 2022. He is married to Jankey, also from the Gambia and together they have a three year old son Edward.

He is excited to join the BethanyKids family and wishes there was a way to meet all the supporters who make this work possible.

Dr. Isaac Wekesa Wanjala

Dr. Isaac is the oldest of three children and before coming to train with BethanyKids was a medical officer at Webuye County Hospital.

He has long loved working with kids and knew he wanted to specialise in paediatric surgery since he studied general surgery. He hopes to lead by example and bring more paediatric surgeons into the western regions of Kenya.

Dr. James Anya

Dr. James’ path has not been an easy one, growing up in the midst of civil war where, as children, he and his siblings were recruited as soldiers. But when his mother became partially paralyzed and he was supporting her in hospital, those around him quickly realised his gifts and potential to become a doctor himself. Getting into elementary school, high school and even medical school was never easy, but his faith and his desire to care for others carried him through to 2023 where he joined the BethanyKids’ paediatric surgical fellowship.

Dr. Kitheka S. K.

Dr. Kitheka S. K. was born and raised in Kenya in the rural county of Machakos. His passion is to see quality surgery in the public health space. He’s already excited to train as a pediatric surgeon in the BethanyKids program accredited through PAACS so that an emphasis on mission and Bible are woven into the program from start to finish.

Dr. Marlene Ishimwe

Dr. Marlene had a passion for surgery from an early age. She worked hard to meet the standards required to get into medical school and qualified to attend Hope Africa University in Bujumbura, Burundi. At this institution she fully embraced what she described as her divine purpose for her life as she began the path to study children’s medicine. She will be one of the few paediatric surgeons in her home country of Burundi when she returns to practise.


Dr. Mehret Enaro

Dr. Mehret Enaro has sensed she was to work in medicine since she was in high school. She moved to our training centre in Kenya in 2019 having been introduced to BethanyKids in her home country of Ethiopia by Dr. Frehun. Dr. Frehun is a former trainee in the program and now leads BethanyKids in Ethiopia. Seeing the results of Dr. Frehun’s ministry has fueled a growing passion within her for pediatric surgery.

Dr. Muse Freneh

Dr. Muse Freneh is from a small town in Ethiopia. He completed a 2 year MCS program through the PAACS program in Sodoo Hospital and has always wanted to join the BethanyKids pediatric fellowship program, so is so excited that that dream is finally coming true.