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Assistive Technology

As BethanyKids has continued to provide surgical care and follow-up rehabilitation over the years, the need to begin offering appropriate assistive technology was a natural next step. In many cases we find children using donated wheelchairs that are broken or designed for someone much larger. Often well-meaning people give their old wheelchairs to children across Africa, and the result is a poorly fitted wheelchair that can actually cause harm to the child.

We continue to try and innovate solutions for children. In addition to partnering with low-cost high quality wheelchairs that can be shipped to Africa, we also have begun experimenting with various 3D printed and made-in-Africa wheelchairs. Our assistive technology team works tirelessly to research best practices, to seek innovation and to ensure that every wheelchair we give out is perfectly fitted to the needs and challenges of the specific child.

Wheelchairs Transform Lives

Every year BethanyKids matches children with wheelchairs designed with their needs in mind. Your donations help make that happen. We also take time to repair wheelchairs where possible.

Wheelchairs Serviced since 2017