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Kelly Goldson

Georgia, USA

Kelly is an evangelist, author and ambassador for BethanyKids based in Atlanta Georgia. She founded Heart Of Hosanna, a Bible teaching ministry focused on helping people and sharing the love of God. 

As part of her role as an ambassador for BethanyKids Kelly is trying to raise $20,000 USD to help get kids access to surgery. You can help her do that by clicking the button below. Be part of Kelly’s Fundraising team today!

Help me raise $20,000 USD*

* Fundraising totals updated weekly.

The Ambassador Collective

BethanyKids’ Ambassador Collective includes a diverse team of ambassadors from around the world who are willing to use their time, energy and resources to help raise both funds and awareness to grow the BethanyKids program. We are always looking for preachers, artists, musicians, medical practitioners, teachers, athletes and those who share the conviction that providing medical services to children across Africa matters to join this collective. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in, we’d love to chat about the possibility.