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Stage 3:


We continue to grow and prioritize holistic care including: mobile clinics, rehabilitation therapy, spiritual care and wheelchair services.

It has often been said that effective surgery is only as effective as the care that follows. As part of our commitment to healing children in low resource settings across Africa we have grown over time beyond the surgical theatre to support with:

– Occupational Therapy
– Physical Therapy
– Psychosocial and Spiritual Care
– Assistive Technology

While surgery may be the most drastic and immediate provision for a child in need, many children also require follow-up rehabilitation, including access to assistive technologies like wheelchairs. It is the long, often painful process of therapy that moves a child from the recovery room to the playground. BethanyKids is dedicated to providing the rehabilitation that our patients need so that they can begin their lives anew after surgery.



As our work grows across the continent our capacity to provide truly holistic care also grows.

It was only a few years ago, for example, that we were able to assemble and provide wheelchairs to patients who needed them. And that program has grown exponentially in just a few years. We’ve already seen the benefit of providing chairs that are appropriate to the child and their medical needs, and done in consultation with our therapist team. When we give out a wheelchair we are giving a wheelchair that is fitted and appropriate to the child’s needs. 


While we began our work solely at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya some 20 years ago, since that time we have not only expanded outside of Kenya, but also within. We began by providing a full time medical and rehabilitation team to Joytown Schools where children with varying disabilities learned and studied. We helped the school build washrooms, improve their laundry services and provide the necessary medical care to their students.

We also started a mobile clinic program that takes our medical care across the country to remote areas where patients have less resources to travel. The mobile clinic not only allows us to follow up with former patients, but also to raise awareness and help with early diagnosis of cases requiring surgical intervention.

Why do we provide spritual care?

Many of the children we serve haven’t just experienced a physical tragedy, but also something profoundly emotional and spiritual. They have been told they didn’t matter. They’ve been told they were a curse, or worse yet they were abandoned by their own parents.

We believe that every child matters and we believe that all people, whether born healthy or born with a genetic abnormality, are beautiful creations of God. Where we assign labels like deformed, cursed or rejected, God’s language is far clearer: LOVED.

Our staff, deeply motivated by their own belief in God’s love, care for children regardless of background or culture with mercy and compassion. We hope that any child we meet experiences a profound transformation that goes beyond the physical and includes the realization that they are profoundly loved and that they truly matter as a human being.

That’s why in addition to providing physical healing care, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, we seek to introduce any of the families we serve to a loving church in their home communities so that they might have the support they need to care for their child. And we hope that they might know that all people are created in God’s image and are His dearly loved children.

Francesca, who is part of our spiritual care team, is someone who has lived and experienced this not just as a staff member, but as a patient.