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Mobile Clinic

In Kenya we operate a Mobile Clinic team which visits about 15 sites across the country several times a year. These Clinics allow families to bring their child(ren) for follow-up care after surgery and are an integral part of our holistic approach to healing.

Caring for a child with complex needs is expensive and one of those costs is typically the cost of travelling to a hospital on local transportation and often missing work to do so. As part of our commitment to making healthcare affordable for families, we provide a mobile clinic that goes to as many communities as we can manage each year. This means families can see a specialist closer to home and without the cost of travelling once again to the main hospital compound. The Clinics also provide a means of identifying children who can benefit from surgery and are not yet receiving quality care.

The team consists of three nurses, an occupational therapist, a social worker, a parent mentor and a driver/logistician. Some of their clinic outings are 1-day trips while other more distant sites require several days.

Patients at Our Clinics

Counting both our out-patient clinics and the mobile clinics, throughout 2019 we saw 15,240 patients across Kenya. This program happens because people like you choose to support financially.