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Ambassador Program

BethanyKids is excited to announce our new ambassadors program. We are looking to recruit a diverse team of ambassadors from around the world who are willing to use their time, energy and resources to help raise both funds and awareness to grow the BethanyKids program.
We are looking for preachers, artists, musicians, medical practitioners, teachers, athletes and those who share the conviction that providing medical services to children across Africa matters. We will be announcing our first team of ambassadors over the course of 2020. In the meantime, if this is an opportunity that you might be interested in, we’d love to chat about the possibility.

Cheyanne Perry

Cheyanne’s life has in some ways been dominated by chronic illness, spending lengthy periods of time in hospitals and even periods of time awaiting test results. She has lost her colon, her ability to eat, her sense of normalcy and her independence to disease.

And yet despite the challenges she faces, she has committed herself to finding joy amidst the sorrow, and to using her voice for good. She started blogging about her experiences back in 2015 and regularly shares her experiences here. As of 2020 she now also serves as an ambassador for BethanyKids, helping raise awareness and funds for children across Africa who also face challenges due to chronic illness.








Dean Morris

Dean is a powerhouse in his community of Richmond, BC (Canada). We are also excited to announce that he is our very first BethanyKids Ambassador.

Anyone who has ever met Dean will know he has a big personality – he fills the room with laughter and joy! He also has a big heart and works tirelessly to bring people together in community. He’s involved in his community as a running ambassador, he teaches at a local Christian school and pastors Reunion Richmond, a church plant he founded with his wife and a couple of friends in their apartment.

Dean is excited to represent BethanyKids as it gives him the chance to connect with a global movement of people who share his vision for healthy and supportive communities.