Wonderful Miracle

Dr. Martin Situma in Uganda sent this story about Sylvia.  We rejoice with him that he was able to help this little girl.

Sylvia is a five-year-old little girl that was referred from Kabale, about two and a half hours drive from Mbarara with leakage of urine. Her referring organization also paid for their transport by bus to Mbarara. Investigations done had revealed that the leakage was due to one of the ureters (the tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder) on her left kidney that was abnormally inserted.  Because of the leakage of urine, she was not in school.

She successfully underwent an operation to correct this. She is now dry and can start attending school soon.  Both the parents and I praise God for this wonderful miracle.

To all our friends, we thank you for supporting Dr. Situma and his work in Uganda.  May God be praised!