Welcome, Luke McAuley!

Late last year we welcomed a new member to our rehabilitation team, and we’d like to introduce him to you.

Luke McAuley grew up in Kenya as a child of missionaries and even at a young age had a desire to become a medical missionary. Living in a small village in Pokot, Luke saw, first hand, the needs that those with disabilities have in less developed countries. This led him to pursue occupational therapy (OT) as a career, with the hopes of ultimately using it to minister to kids in these situations. Luke shares: “OT is one of the few vocations that particularly focuses on combining the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a patient. This allows me, as an occupational therapist, to uniquely address all areas of a human being within the scope of my training and practice.”

The young Luke McAuley with his family in Pokot.

Luke’s desire to provide holistic care fits right in with our mission at BethanyKids to minister both to the physical and spiritual needs of our patients. Not only that, but Luke sees his role extending to the families of our patients, educating them and helping them to care for their children long after the surgery has been completed. His hope is that with the right knowledge, these families can help improve the lives of their children and empower change within their communities.

Peter Ranja Muigai, one of our occupational therapists at Joytown, working with a student.

Luke will be working with all of our current teams at BethanyKids in Kenya. At Kijabe Hospital, Luke will be coming alongside the existing hospital therapy team in order to develop and enhance the rehab program that is in place for BethanyKids patients. At Joytown School for the Physically Disabled, Luke will be providing training for our therapy team there. Luke will also be joining our Mobile Clinic team to provide therapy treatment, training, and parent education.

His vision in all of this is for a therapy model where solid training, mentoring, and education work together to help children with disabilities grow to be independent, contributing members of their communities. His prayer is that every child who comes through our doors will leave with a greater sense of his or her inherent value as an image-bearer of God.

Luke is married to Amanda and they live in Kijabe, Kenya, with their five children: Caden (9), Reuben (8), Aniah (6), Eli (3) and Tobias (1). You can read more about their lives on their blog: kenyamcauleys.wordpress.com.

The McAuley’s sitting in front of Rift Valley Academy’s elementary school, where their older children have started classes.

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