To Bring God’s Healing to Africa We Need Doctors

To bring God’s healing to Africa we need doctors, and to have doctors we must train them, and they must be certified. So no wonder that the yearly congress of the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA), where surgeon candidates are examined and certified, has become a highlight of our ministry.

In 2012 the first ever pediatric surgeon trained in East Africa successfully passed the rigorous exams – Dr. Frehun Ayele, our Ethiopian surgeon trained at Kijabe. That was followed in 2013 by 3 more pediatric surgeons, two of whom were again “ours” – Dr Martin Situma from Uganda and Dr Aiah Lebbie from Sierra Leone.

This year 4 candidates attempted, and 3 passed – two of whom were BethanyKids surgeons (Dr Ken Muma from Kenya, alongside his teacher Dr Erik Hansen). Now all these amazing men are practicing in their countries, often having doubled the number of children’s surgeons in those countries – or, as in Dr Lebbie’s case, being the first ever pediatric surgeon of his country! They are truly our pride and joy!