Transforming Lives in Uganda

“In my life, through sickness, disappointment, lack of money, loss and failure; I sympathize with people going through similar challenges.”

Dr. Martin Situma

Mbarara, Uganda

Dr. Martin Situma started the BethanyKids pediatric surgical work in Mbarara, Uganda – his home country. Actually, Dr. Martin IS the pediatric surgical work in Mbarara. Dr. Martin not only does the surgery, he preps the patients, brings them to the operating theatre, takes them back to the ward afterwards, and does the post-op care himself as well. It’s a lot of work for one man but Dr. Martin loves it. His work at Mbarara is a real testament to his faith.

“In my life,” explains Dr. Martin, “through sickness, disappointment, lack of money, loss and failure; I sympathize with people going through similar challenges. You will therefore be a better advocate for them, because you have moved in the same path and overcome. Above all, I have learnt more about the love of God, which is immeasurable!”

Dr. Martin’s patients – and the families he cares for – get to experience this expression of God’s love everyday. Families of children like Glorius.

Glorius was born in rural, Southwestern Uganda and immediately, her parents knew something was terribly wrong. Glorius was born with Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT), an abnormal mass growing from her tailbone. In Glorius’s case, this was a serious, life-threatening condition that required immediate surgery. The closest surgical facility that could treat Glorius was Mbarara, about 2 hours drive away. This isn’t unusual throughout Africa. Many families, like this one, are subsistance farmers and usually don’t have access to transportation. Even the cost of public transport can be prohibitive.

Fortunately, little Glorius’s parents were able to get her to Mbarara in time and Dr. Martin was able to successfully remove the mass.

“We are thankful to God that this went on successfully,” says Dr. Martin.

BethanyKids is so grateful to have such a skilled surgeon as Dr. Martin Situma on our team. Please keep this faithful man of God and his family in your prayers.

You can help support our surgical work in Mbarara, and in the other countries in which we work as well.