Train a Child

train-a-childComing to know the Lord and accepting Him in our hearts is not just for grownups.  At Joytown, young children also give their lives to the Lord. Francisca, BethanyKids’ mentor and Spina bifida teacher also doubles up as a spiritual teacher and mentor, empowering the kids with information about Christ.

Telvin had had chats with Francisca.  She talked with him about the Lord and about changing his behavior as much as she could. At first, Telvin was not sure whether to come to Christ or not. His reasons were: he thought he was still too young, he feared his friends would laugh at him and he thought he would lose some of his friends. One day he came during therapy time and told Francisca that he wanted to receive Christ in his life, with lots of tears and confidence. He later told his two friends Patrick and Samuel about it and they too wanted to be a part of it.  They came to see Francisca the following day. When they came, they found Janet (Francisca’s colleague) who asked them what they needed and Patrick, in tears, said they wanted to receive Christ.

They were both led to Christ by Francisca, and they prayed together. Interestingly, Patrick said that he usually goes to church and when they are told to say something, his sister starts by saying, “I am so and so and am saved” this really challenged him and he too wanted to be associated with that testimony of Christ.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Tevin, Patrick and Samuel are 13 years old and in class 6 and have made this year a new beginning in their lives. Since the day they surrendered to Jesus, they have shown exemplary changes in their behavior, and this has also been reflected in class-work.

Please pray with all of the new converts through the ministry of BethanyKids, and all the staff who help them see the light and love of God, and most of all remember Tevin, Patrick and Samuel as they go for the December holidays, so that their parents may help them grow to love God even more.