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Every child who comes to BethanyKids for treatment has a story. Some are newly born, others have lived with their disability for years. Some are fearful and ashamed, others are outgoing and winsome despite the challenges they have faced. Some come with a strong trust in God and others do not yet know God. We are deeply grateful to take part in the stories of these children, hopefully leading them towards fuller freedom, greater confidence, and a deeper relationship with the God who loves them. You can also enter into their stories as you read about the children who have already come through our doors, pray for the many more who will come, and give to our work as you feel led.

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Welcome, Luke McAuley!

Late last year we welcomed a new member to our rehabilitation team, and we’d like to introduce him to you. Luke McAuley grew up in Kenya as a child of missionaries and even at a young age had a desire to become a medical missionary. Living in a small village in Pokot,...

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This post is guest-written by Luke McAuley, one of our Occupational Therapists. We'll be introducing Luke next week, so stay tuned! Meet Isaac, a 14 year old boy who has gone through more than his fair share of difficulties. Isaac was born with spina bifida, and...

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Director of Programs in Kenya

“Most of the people who come to BethanyKids asking for help are...grasping for anything that resembles help, hoping against hope. I am happy that when they get to BethanyKids they find help; they find hope. And for those who are willing, they find the message that...

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Wheels in Joytown

It is really amazing to stop and think about all of the different individuals and organizations from around the world working alongside BethanyKids to serve children in need. To illustrate this, let’s zoom in on one facet of our ministry: rehabilitation. Most of our...

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The BethanyKids 100 Club

One of our founding principals (and we think you’ll agree) is that no child in need of life-giving surgery should be turned away due to a lack of funds. Providing this commitment of care, however, requires the investment of others who have been blessed with the...

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2016 Surgeons’ Conference

Since 2007, BethanyKids has been training physicians from across Africa through its COSECSA-accredited pediatric surgeon training program. We have graduates now working in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Uganda. In some cases they are the only qualified...

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Michelle’s Story

“I don’t know what I could have sold in order to pay my daughter’s medical bill at Kijabe.” - Willychister, Michelle’s mother Willychister vividly remembers the day her first child, Michelle, was born. It should have been a day of joyful celebration, but Willychister...

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BethanyKids Children’s Centre

“The new building is so spacious, has enough beds, more examination rooms, and parents are no longer asked to go back home with their children because of lack of space!” Emily Chelang’at, Parent of a patient The dedication of the BethanyKids Children’s Centre at...

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Why We Do What We Do

Why does BethanyKids do what we do? A recent report from The Lancet describes the critical need - the crisis actually - of surgical care in low income nations. The hardest hit nations in Africa are exactly where BethanyKids is working. This report shows how desperate...

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