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Every child who comes to BethanyKids for treatment has a story. Some are newly born, others have lived with their disability for years. Some are fearful and ashamed, others are outgoing and winsome despite the challenges they have faced. Some come with a strong trust in God and others do not yet know God. We are deeply grateful to take part in the stories of these children, hopefully leading them towards fuller freedom, greater confidence, and a deeper relationship with the God who loves them. You can also enter into their stories as you read about the children who have already come through our doors, pray for the many more who will come, and give to our work as you feel led.

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I Have My Girl Back

Burns are an all too common occurrence in Kenya, and Juliet’s was a nasty one. It happened in the home in November 2016 when a pot of boiling water was accidentally knocked over causing burns to her chest and left arm. “Juliet did not move,” said her Mom. “Her face...

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Lensa’s Story

“The surgeon made me feel that this was not a death sentence and that my daughter could have a great life.” People often asked Monicah and her husband about their family. But, although they wanted to, they did not have children. Monicah says “I hated that question...

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Hope Regained at a Mobile Clinic

“...his resilience and determination to overcome the life hurdles that most children never have to endure keeps me going.” - Faith Faith remembers a time when things were better. She and her husband had married young and when they found out they were expecting a...

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Mobile Clinics: Pursuing Accessible Care for All

Mobile Clinic days begin early and run long for our team of seven. Leaving Kijabe as early as 5am, the team drives to the scheduled site for that day, sets up, and stays until the last patient has been seen. There is no lunch break — some of the families have traveled...

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Dr. Situma traveling in North America

Dr. Martin Situma, our BethanyKids pediatric surgeon in Mbarara, Uganda, is currently in the US as one of two recipients of the 2017 APSA (American Pediatric Surgical Association) Travel Fellowship. This fellowship allowed Dr. Situma to attend the APSA Annual Meeting...

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Agnes Koilel, a BethanyKids Discipler

“She has led more than three hundred souls to Christ and she is still working.” - Mercy, BethanyKids Kijabe chaplain If you are not familiar with our Discipler Ministry, it is made up of an incredible network of women all across Kenya who make it their aim to share...

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Dr. Aiah Lebbie: Pediatric Surgeon, Sierra Leone

“The need for pediatric surgery in Sierra Leone is huge...children have to travel from all over the country to see me.” - Dr. Aiah Lebbie Before the Ebola crisis hit Sierra Leone in 2014, this small West African country was just beginning to recover from a decade-long...

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Welcome, Luke McAuley!

Late last year we welcomed a new member to our rehabilitation team, and we’d like to introduce him to you. Luke McAuley grew up in Kenya as a child of missionaries and even at a young age had a desire to become a medical missionary. Living in a small village in Pokot,...

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This post is guest-written by Luke McAuley, one of our Occupational Therapists. We'll be introducing Luke next week, so stay tuned! Meet Isaac, a 14 year old boy who has gone through more than his fair share of difficulties. Isaac was born with spina bifida, and...

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