With #GivingTuesday fast approaching we are still striving towards our goal of $10,000! For every $1 (or 100KES) you donate, the generous members of the BethanyKids board will donate $2 (200KES) – again, that TRIPLES your donation!

We asked the board to share with us some of the reasons they were inspired to give and offer this matching donation. Here are some of their answers…

UPDATE: This campaign, which was active during the month of November 2017 is now over!
We had a very successful first GivingTuesday, raising over $50,000. Thank you to all who contributed in finances and prayer!
You can read more about the results of this campaign here

Because kids’ lives are so precious and have no price, but this is a great way for me to help much more than I can on my own.
– Dan Poenaru

My husband and I have seen firsthand the life-changing positive results that BethanyKids provides the children in Africa. Contributing to BethanyKids not only provides medical care but also supports training of local physicians and employment of local healthcare workers. It is a wonderful way for us to share God’s love. – Cindy Gregg

It is such a joy to see our children strive to do their best in life. What we do is try to level the uneven field with God-given gifts, and most of all, connect them to our Loving Creator; supporting BethanyKids is a wonderful way to Love Our Neighbour.
– Joy Wee

We are honored to be a part of such a wonderful and compassionate ministry as Bethany Kids. The medical and spiritual healing Bethany Kids provides to children and their parents in East Africa is vital.
– Jim and Julie Taubitz

I have chosen to participate in Giving Tuesday because we who have been blessed in this life have been called to be generous (Proverbs 22:9).  Furthermore, the work of Bethany Kids promises not only hope for today in the lives of children who are directly touched … but hope for tomorrow in the training and equipping of caring doctors and nurses.
– Bob Kallonen

I give to BethanyKids because I have seen firsthand the benefits from the surgeries and rehabilitation that the children of Africa have received. The need is great and I am glad that I am able to provide some funds to help children receive what we in Canada sometimes take for granted.
– Kris Riseling

I support BethanyKids because they exemplify wonderful, effective, efficient and obedient use of resources by caring for the the most marginalized children.
In 13 years I’ve seen…
1.Lives rescued through surgery who may have been killed as cursed.
2.Lives rescued through rehabilitation to allow fruitful living.
3.Lives rescued through education of African doctors to provide surgeons and surgery in other African countries for these children
4.Lives rescued for eternity through the gospel faithfully presented through the medium of caring and the clear proclamation of the gospel.
– Dr. G.I. Stewart

We hope that you are inspired to join us in the joy of giving this #GivingTuesday! As always, we appreciate hearing why you have chosen to support us and encourage you to let us know on social media or by email. We thank you in advance for your support.