This post is guest-written by Luke McAuley, one of our Occupational Therapists. We’ll be introducing Luke next week, so stay tuned!

Meet Isaac, a 14 year old boy who has gone through more than his fair share of difficulties.

Isaac was born with spina bifida, and although he was able to obtain surgical intervention he has still struggled severely over the years with its symptoms and complications. Not only has he had difficulties with his health, but he has lost both of his parents as well. As a result, his aunt is raising him and his sister.

BethanyKids has had the great pleasure of getting to know this smart and happy young man both at Joytown and at AIC Kijabe hospital. During his time at Joytown School for the Physically Disabled he has received counseling, spiritual care, therapy and basic healthcare interventions related to symptoms of spina bifida. Bethanykids has also gotten to know him further during his most recent hospital stays.

Isaac came to Kijabe Hospital nearly three months ago with an infection he had from a pressure wound that had been persistently growing. During this time he has received surgical interventions to address his pressure wound, tendon releases in his hips and knees, treatment for a Deep Vein Thrombosis, equipment to assist in reduction of pressure sores, along with many hours of therapy, prayer and care.

It is inspiring that despite all of these trials, Isaac continually has a smile on his face, is always seen helping others around him, is constantly learning as much as he can, and is determined to know God more and more! Thank you for all of your support as BethanyKids works hard to help children like Isaac achieve not only physical health, but spiritual health along with independence and success for the glory of God!