I Have My Girl Back

Burns are an all too common occurrence in Kenya, and Juliet’s was a nasty one. It happened in the home in November 2016 when a pot of boiling water was accidentally knocked over causing burns to her chest and left arm. “Juliet did not move,” said her Mom. “Her face was calm and for a moment I thought she was dead. I ran with her as fast as I could to the nearest clinic.”

The clinic administered first aid, but it was clear that Juliet needed intensive hospital care. Despite going to four hospitals there was no one who could help because government doctors were on strike at the time. Fortunately a family friend knew about BethanyKids and brought Juliet and her parents to us.

“When we came to BethanyKids,” says her Mom, “the doctors worked tirelessly to care for our daughter. I saw love in their eyes as they performed the skin grafts and applied daily dressings. Soon she could move around and she was discharged a few days later.”

Her Mom recalls, “A friend promised to raise some funds for us through social media but it didn’t happen. When we received the hospital bill, BethanyKids took care of things for us with the help of the National Health Insurance Fund. Apart from a hand contracture to be operated on later, I will say that I have my girl back – thanks to the skilled surgeons and the financial support of BethanyKids.”

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