“I was hysterical and couldn’t think rationally – everything slowed down. I remember crying, as one of the medics came over to try to calm me down.”  Finding out that your newborn child has a rare – and if untreated, likely fatal – birth defect would destroy any new parent.

Piddy Nehema’s mother discovered that her precious newborn was unable to have a regular bowel movement within the first week of her life. In addition to the crippling fear any parent would experience upon such a discovery was the knowledge that many in the village would have attributed this severe birth defect to witchcraft.

With early diagnosis and effective surgery, anorectal malfunction can be treated, but amidst a lack of resources at the local hospital, a nationwide doctors’ strike and the prohibitive cost of private health care – the odds were not good.

“We knew that it would cost us a fortune and that there was no way we could raise funds to visit such a hospital. I resigned to prayer in despair, hoping that a miracle would happen… My husband was not content, so he shared our situation with our pastor. The pastor advised us to visit BethanyKids Kijabe Hospital and offered to cover our travel expenses.”

Piddy’s parents are subsistence farmers and knew well that without an external source of income they could never afford surgery. Her prayers were answered. Through a partner of BethanyKids, Piddy had a successful, life-changing surgery. During the surgery, a spinal defect known as tethered cord, was also noted, and successful surgery was performed.

Today, Piddy leaves for home with hopes of a normal childhood. Her parents are grateful to God and to BethanyKids for giving their daughter the chance to live a normal life. Through your prayer and support, miracles do still happen.