“For God’s Glory Only”

Dr. Heuric, in Madagascar, sent us the following story:

Luke 10:35b shows the wonderful example to follow of the Good Samaritan. ‘Take care of him and if this money is not enough, when I come again, I will give you whatever more is needed.’

So many institutions are claiming to act like the Good Samaritan. But we, in BethanyKids, we do LIVE it daily. An average of seven children each month are treated by the Antanimalandy SALFA Lutheran Hospital (HSLA). Many of them could not pay fully for their expenses. BethanyKids completed the gap, or took care completely, of the expenses for the treatment of these “little ones”.

for-gods-glory-onlyOne such little one is Rrabemananjara Vonjiniaina Camille from Tsararano Ambony Mahajanga. The story is quite simple and usual. The parents heard that HSLA performs pediatric surgery. They came and we did the surgery. We referred them to an ENT doctor for hearing problems management.  In this photo he is resting in the arms of his mom after surgery.

While the story is, in one way, unremarkable, the desire to bring glory to God by helping this child was accomplished through the discipline of doing the job at hand.  May you be encouraged to do the task in front of you for God’s glory only!