Dry At Last

dry-at-lastEleven-year-old Rahima had almost no bladder. From the time of her birth, urine leaked from her kidney directly into her body. She smelled of urine all the time because of her incontinence. As a result she was stigmatized; she couldn’t go to school because of her smell.  Rahima is from a very poor family.  Rahima’s dad has five children from two wives and has a hard time managing.  An NGO paid for transportation to come to us at BethanyKids at Myungsung Christian Medical Center.   After her surgery, a Mainz Pouch diversion, she was able to control her urine and be dry.  She is able to go to school, read and write and be with her peers.

We are grateful to Watsi, who raised funds to pay for Rahima’s surgery.