Dr. Situma traveling in North America

Dr. Martin Situma, our BethanyKids pediatric surgeon in Mbarara, Uganda, is currently in the US as one of two recipients of the 2017 APSA (American Pediatric Surgical Association) Travel Fellowship. This fellowship allowed Dr. Situma to attend the APSA Annual Meeting and present about his current work and future goals during the conference.

Dr. Situma is a graduate from our Surgeon Training Program, and has been practicing as a pediatric surgeon at the Mbarara University Teaching Hospital in his home country of Uganda since early 2014. This is his first visit to North America, and as such, he is taking advantage of this trip to also connect with some of our partners and supporters.

Before traveling to the US, Dr. Situma spent a few days in Canada, where he shared his story with about 145 people at the annual BethanyKids fundraising dinner in Kingston. He also spoke at a small gathering in Montreal.

Dr. Situma speaking at the fundraising dinner in Kingston, Ontario

After the APSA Annual Meeting, Dr. Situma will be in Newhaven, Indianapolis, and Nashville. If you are in any of those locations and would like to connect with Dr. Situma, let us know! You can send an email to Terri Davis and she will provide you with more details.

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