Burundian Child Finds Help at BethanyKids

Leonne’s situation seemed hopeless!

Her three-year old daughter had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her health was quickly deteriorating. She needed all the help she could get in order to save Shamma’s life.

Burundi has only one neurosurgeon for a population of over 10 million people, and unfortunately, Shamma’s surgery could not be performed there due to lack of resources. Leonne was instead asked to raise US$11,200 in order for Shamma to be treated in India. Attempts to raise the funds bore no fruit including an appeal on the national television. With nowhere else to turn to, Leonne became hopeless as she watched her daughter’s condition worsen everyday. As a single parent with no regular income, raising medical funds for her sick daughter became a daunting task.

It was at this time that Oliver, a young medical student, learned about BethanyKids. He had heard about Leonne and her daughter’s plight on television, and touched by the family’s suffering, enquired from BethanyKids’ neurosurgeon whether Shamma could be helped. Soon after contacting BethanyKids, Leonne and Shamma boarded a bus, and in spite of so many challenges, they arrived in Kijabe. Shamma had her surgery a couple of days later.

Shamma has showed great signs of improvement, and was recently released from the Hospital. Please pray for her full recovery and safe journey as they travel back to Burundi.