Agnes Koilel, a BethanyKids Discipler

“She has led more than three hundred souls to Christ and she is still working.”

– Mercy, BethanyKids Kijabe chaplain

If you are not familiar with our Discipler Ministry, it is made up of an incredible network of women all across Kenya who make it their aim to share Christ with those who do not know him, as well as seek out families in need of the medical care that BethanyKids can offer. Founded by Mercy, our chaplain at BethanyKids Kijabe, this ministry has grown to over 400 women, most of whom are moms of our former patients.

Mercy in front of a map showing all of our current disciples

We recently asked Mercy to tell us about one of the women in her Discipler Ministry:

I met Agnes Koilel in the year 2012 in the BethanyKids ward. She had brought her baby, Nakoi, who was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. I could tell that she was a God fearing lady, always willing to go an extra mile to help others. So I asked Agnes to come to our meetings as one of our disciples. She came to a number of our meetings and conferences and she learnt how to evangelize and used it very well with all her heart. She had come to know the Lord through her church, but joining the discipleship ministry encouraged her to become a better, stronger Christian.

Although Nakoi did not live past his first year, Agnes’ faith did not weaken. She now shares her faith in Jesus with anybody that she finds that does not know Jesus. She has five other children, and they all know Jesus now, and her husband is a better person who is seeking Christ through reading his own Bible.

She has led more than three hundred souls to Christ and she is still working. She has made a difference in her village and in the villages around her, traveling as far as 30km (18mi) or more. She leads prayer meetings in her church, and on every Thursday she meets to pray with the other disciples who live in her village and those who are near her village.

On top of this, Agnes has also helped hundreds of children by bringing or sending them to BethanyKids and to Kijabe Hospital for medical care. The other day I sent her thirty Bibles to give the new believers. When she received them she called and said to me, “Thank you for taking me in as your disciple. Working with BethanyKids’ discipleship ministry has changed my life!” She was also very thankful for the Bibles. All glory to God!!!


Agnes is from Duka Moja, about a 100km (60mi) drive from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital

Last November, as an acknowledgement of her passion and diligence, BethanyKids gifted Agnes with a media player containing an audio version of the Bible. Mercy tells us that Agnes is currently loaning it to a man who is homebound and isolated due to a disease that his neighbors fear. This man has been greatly encouraged by the gift of God’s word in his home.

Justus Marete, our Director for Africa, showing Agnes how to use her Bible audio player

May you, too, be greatly encouraged knowing that there are women like Agnes throughout Kenya, even in some of the remotest areas, sharing the good news of Christ and ministering to those in need around them. It is these women who often find families in distress about their child’s mysterious illness, and are able to help them come to BethanyKids for the care that they so desperately need.

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