A Story of Salvation

Our Chaplain at Kijabe, Mercy, contacted a lady recently who brought her baby to BethanyKids in 2009. Her tiny infant, who had both hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida, clearly needed surgery. Not only did her child receive the surgery, but Mom was led by Mercy to believe in Jesus Christ and His message of love for all people. After all the years since then, Mercy called to see how the Mom was doing in her faith.

It was the husband who answered the phone. He excitedly told Mercy, “When my wife came home from Kijabe back in 2009, she was a different person. She brought a Bible home and started preaching to neighbors and everybody! I accepted Jesus through her witness, and things have been very different for all of us. Our child who was operated on by BethanyKids is better and is now in school.”

“Thank you for the Bible you gave to her,” continued the husband. “We read it all the time.”

BethanyKids is blessed to receive donations of Bibles and to have the opportunity to share them with moms who bring their children to BethanyKids.