To our faithful supporters,

We, the mobile clinic team of BethanyKids, would like to write to you as a form of introduction, explanation of what we have been able to do, as well as by way of saying thank you for all that you have done to make our team possible. 

Over the past year and a little bit we have had the pleasure of creating and developing a consistent mobile clinic team. The consistency of the team has been a tremendous blessing not only for the creation of consistent reporting and treatment, but also for the relationships we create with the patients and the individuals that run the sites where we meet. Our team is made up of a team lead (Jane Mutinda), who is also a nurse, two other nurses (Daniel Wafula and Esther Njiru), a social worker (Geoffrey Musyoka), a parent to parent mentor (Julia Ruto), and an Occupational Therapist (James Mutuma). We are also joined occasionally by Luke McAuley, an Occupational Therapist missionary thru BethanyKids.

Our team has the great pleasure of serving neurologically affected children from all over Kenya. We have 16 different sites (with an additionally one being trialed this year) that we visit every 2 months. When children come to our clinics they are able to receive medical counseling and assessment as well as advice by specially trained nurses. Our children also receive counseling and advise from our parent to parent mentor (whom is always working hard to get our parents connected up with other parents and find resources for them). Our Social worker spends significant time counseling the parents and assisting them with finding resources to help the children with whatever need they have whether it is with surgical interventions, general medical care, or other needs. Our therapist spends his time assessing children and creating home exercise programs for the parents as well as educating the parents on therapeutic needs.

One story we would love to share with you is about a patient we will call ‘Peter.’ This is a client that had received surgical services quite some time ago. After receiving these services he had been attending clinics through the school that he was attending. However, he sustained a fracture near the beginning of this year. After sustaining this fracture he was sent home at which point his family was unable to get him to clinics and had lost connection with others. Our clinic team (pictured above left with Peter’s family at his house) decided that he needed to be seen and so the team decided to do a home visit so that he could be able to receive services! So, during this visit he was able to receive medical attention, rehabilitation services, encouragement and social support- advice. Through these services he has now been able to return to school and the family’s spirits have been revitalized! (Peter in picture to the right with his Mother and Father in front of their house)

We continue to covet your prayers and direction in relation to some of our difficulties. We specifically need prayers in how we obtain and seek new sources for some of the medications that we regularly use. We also seek your prayers in relation to obtaining and being able to appropriately resource equipment that is needed on a regular basis (things like Ankle Foot Orthotics and wheelchairs). Please pray that we continue to find more resources and support for our families (these families not only fight against the difficulties of having a child with special needs, but also against the social/cultural misinformation that is prevalent within the culture).

Over the course of this year we have been able to serve well over 3,000 patients. We are so thankful for your support of us over this time. Not only do we rely on your financial support and direction, but also your prayers. Knowing that you support us in so many ways makes us a better team! Thanks for what you do to make this a possibility! We look forward to continuing to work with and for you as we assist in improving the lives of these precious children!


Jane | Daniel | Esther | James | Luke | Geoffrey | Julia