“I am afraid!” – A Father’s Cry

Like fathers everywhere, Hiribai deeply loves his son and believes there is nothing more important than being there for his child.

I’d like you to know about a child that your generous support has made it possible for BethanyKids to help. His name is Mohamad. Mohamad’s father, Hiribai, felt helpless and unsure of what to do to comfort his 5-year old son – who was lying in the small hospital bed next to him.

“He is scheduled for surgery later today,” Hiribai explained, “and I was instructed not to feed him. My son hasn’t eaten anything since this morning. He is hungry and I am afraid.”

Mohamad is scheduled for Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy, a surgical procedure to drain the excess fluid from his brain – excess fluid that was slowly and painfully causing his head to swell. It’s a very specialized surgery – made possible by your support.

In the same BethanyKids ward are other little children with similar conditions like Mohamad’s – with one notable difference: they are all with their mothers.  Like fathers everywhere, Hiribai deeply loves his son and believes there is nothing more important than being there for his child.

“I have this great opportunity to care for him,” Hiribai said.

Little Mohamad was referred to BethanyKids by a group of health workers visiting his village. The family had been relying on traditional medicine – the only thing they knew to treat their son’s condition – and they had given up hope.

“Mohamad has several burn marks on his head, an attempt by our medicine man to relieve the pressure,” Hiribai told us. “It saddens me to see him cry because of pain.”

When Hiribai heard that a surgical procedure could save his son’s life, Hiribai knew what he had to do. It took a few days to raise the bus fare – and then he and Mohamad made the 9-hour journey to BethanyKids at Kijabe Hospital.

Hiribai is worried about the cost. The family depends on subsistence farming which hardly meets their basic needs. He doesn’t quite understand how donors like you make it possible for BethanyKids to subsidize surgery and medical treatment for children like Mohamad – but Hiribai is grateful. He knows he is in the right place and that his son will recover soon. What a wonderful Father’s Day gift!

You will probably never have the chance to meet Hiribai or his son, Mohamad. But I hope you realize just how much your support means to families like this.

If you’ve recently given to help us in our urgent financial need, please consider this a sincere “Thank You”. And I hope you don’t mind my asking – would you prayerfully consider making a special Father’s Day donation to BethanyKids today? We are still struggling to meet our operational budget.  Your gift will help children like Mohamad get the life-saving surgery they need – and perhaps give us opportunity to share the love of our Heavenly Father with a father like Hiribai.