A Curse?

a-curseIt has not rained in Mbwaleni, a location in Kinango District, for a while, and the coastal region residents are a worried lot! Maize plantations have withered, and livestock farmers have very little left to graze their animals on.  This is a clear sign of a looming famine in the land. Like many other communities in Africa, the Duruma people of Mbwaleni believe that they have been cursed, hence the dry spell. Apparently, the villagers think they have identified the cause of their suffering, and accusing fingers are pointing at one family as the source of their predicament.  There is a child with an unusually big head in one family, and the people of Mbwaleni have decided that in order to appease their gods, the boy must die.

According to a local church pastor in the area, the family has made several attempts to save their son’s life by visiting various local medicine men, unfortunately all have failed. Recently, while the community leaders were hatching out a plan to kill the boy, a pastor from Nairobi happened to be in one of the villages.  He saw the boy and immediately called one of our staff.  Plans were made for the boy to be brought to Kijabe. Our surgeons operated on the boy earlier this week, and we pray that he will recover soon.

Meanwhile, we hope that the surgical care that the boy has received at our facility will help challenge the Mbwaleni community’s perception towards children born with surgical conditions and disabilities.